Aug 2014

Dead or just resting? Your options to re-activate or re-use an expired Citrix license

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  • Is an expired Citrix license of any value?
  • Is it possible to re-activate an expired or inactive Citrix license?
  • Do you have an expired or inactive Citrix license?
  • Do you know if it’s possible to re-activate?

A customer asked me the other day if they could use expired XenApp licenses for a XenMobile project they currently had in flight. While I was pretty sure they could, I didn’t have all the details at hand to accurately answer the question. I needed to do some digging to provide the answer, so I thought others might also be interested in what I discovered.

Is it really dead?

Before I jump into the detail, I should define exactly what an expired software license is in the Citrix context, as every vendor treats licensing differently.

Citrix considers your license to be expired when you fail to renew your maintenance or Subscription Advantage (SA) 12 months after the purchase date – assuming you only purchased 1 year of SA.

Once you reach the expired license stage, things get a little more challenging. Not only are you prevented from upgrading to the latest software release, but you are also prevented from logging support calls if you have a Premier Support agreement.

So back to my customer scenario. What are your options if you have some expired XenApp licenses stashed away in the cupboard and you are interested in another Citrix offering? Are those expired licenses of any value?

Trade-up options with CWS

Well, under something called Citrix Workspace Suite (CWS) they are, and this is how it works.

The WorkSpace Suite is basically an offering combining a number of Citrix products under the one umbrella that I’ve listed below under one SKU.

  • XenDesktop Platinum – which also includes Cloud Bridge VPX for WAN Optimisation and AppDNA for large scale app migrations
  • XenMobile Enterprise – Mobile Device Management and Mobile App Management (Worx Web and E-mail)
  • ShareFile Storage Zones – on premise
  • XenApp Platinum

So under the trade-up program (that includes everything listed above), for every expired XenApp license you can receive one CWS license. There’s also a promotion with CWS until the end of 2014 that will allow you to save up to 70%.

More details on the offering and how to calculate the cost of a trade-up are located here.

Options to recover an expired Citrix license

Outside CWS, there are also options to re-activate your expired XenApp licenses under the Recovery Program and this how it works.

Within the first 364 days of your licenses expiring, you fall into something called the Re-instatement Period. During this period you can renew your licenses and incur only a 20% financial penalty – back dated to your anniversary date. However, once you exceed 364 days things get a little bit more challenging. Now, you officially move into the Recovery Phase where the price to renew is roughly four times the original price, although obviously still cheaper than purchasing new licenses outright.

One final option

One last option is the XenDesktop Trade-up program that also includes SKUs that relate to expired XenApp licenses, and even a two-for-one offer. With every XenApp license you get two XenDesktop licenses. It’s also important to remember you can use your XenDesktop licenses, once you’ve traded-up, within a XenApp Farm or Delivery Site. This is something a lot of people don’t realise.

More details on the Trade-up program are available here.

While I hope this has provided some useful information, the whole issue of licensing can still be very confusing. If this is something you want to explore further, it’s probably best to speak with your local Citrix reseller to obtain a quote.

And if you’d like to review Monty Python’s Dead Parrot sketch, view it here.

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