Dec 2014

Ensyst sees success adding managed services practice based on Azure

In a recent blog highlighting the benefits of leveraging Azure in a managed services business, Ensyst was mentioned as an example of a partner taking full advantage of Azure to enhance the managed services offered to its customers.

In mid-2014, Microsoft announced cloud would be core to its Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

Ensyst has embraced Microsoft cloud technologies, particularly Azure and StorSimple. Its work with clients in this area was recognized when Ensyst was recognized as winner for 2014 of Microsoft Cloud Excellence Award in the worldwide partner awards.

Following is an extract from an article Building a profitable managed service practice with Azure published on the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (2015) site.

It’s no surprise that the way our partners do business is fundamentally changing, and that the cloud is opening up new opportunities to drive profitability.

Many partners have begun seeing success by adding a managed service practice to their business. Partners considering building or growing a managed service practice, may want to consider how Azure fits into that strategy

For example, Ensyst, a traditional on-premises systems integrator out of Australia, decided to offer cloud solutions with managed services. They saw the cloud as another environment in which they could do what they do well: shield customers from the complexity of technology so that they’re free to enjoy its benefits.

Ensyst now offers its customers large-scale datacenter transformations centered on Microsoft Azure and StorSimple as hybrid storage solutions. Since then, deal sizes have tripled, cross-selling and upselling is up, and the company’s investment in selling StorSimple became profitable after just one year.

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