Jul 2016
Operator Console

Skype for Business – Next generation Operator Console

For years Microsoft has been hard at work developing and enhancing its Unified Communications platform Skype for Business, formerly known as Lync, making it one of the most powerful productivity tools available in the market today.  There is however one element of this solution that has been neglected; the Attendant Console.

Initially released as a simple client side application with Lync Server 2010, today the Attendant Console retains the same outdated user interface.

On April 2016, Microsoft officially ended mainstream support for Attendant Console. This means there will be no resolution to that transfer issue your receptionist continually raises with internal IT support.  There will never be any better together pairing with a physical handset. Want to perform screen sharing within your flashy new Skype for Business client to provide reception support? Well we can forget that too!

The reason for this? Microsoft wants to focus on what it does best, and let those that are leaders in their respective fields compliment the core Skype for Business offering with their own specialist software.

So, if the Attendant Console is no longer keeping pace, what are your options for an Operator Console?

A recent announcement at Microsoft World Partner Conference gives me encouragement for those clients exploring replacements.  Enghouse Interactive, a Microsoft Gold Partner, officially announced its Attendant Console and Communication Center 2016 software certified against Skype for Business, at Microsoft World Partner Conference  in Toronto, Canada last week.

The Enghouse Interactive Attendant Console for Skype for Business combines an intuitive call handling interface with Skype for Business’ powerful unified communications (UC) capabilities. Real time presence and calendar information, coupled with Active Directory integration, provides effective call control, line usage, improved failover, and the tools to empower operators to identify, prioritise and route calls quickly and professionally.


Along with my colleagues at Ensyst, I believe the Enghouse Operator Console is the solution all our Skype for Business customers should be exploring to replace their legacy Microsoft Attendant Console.

Fully integrated with Skype for Business, this Operator Console of the future is a professional call handling solution with superb voice quality and no need for additional hardware, all at a very affordable price.

I’d appreciate feedback about your experiences with the current Skype Attendant Console.  I’m also happy to take any queries about the Enghouse Operator Console, or check out the details here.

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