Nov 2016

Complimentary Azure workshops to get you started quickly

Between 2011 and 2017 spending on cloud infrastructure and services is expected to triple in size1. That growth is fuelled as enterprises of all sizes migrate workloads and services in order to take advantage of cloud scale, economies, and innovation.

Microsoft Azure is at the forefront of cloud innovation, providing an expansive set of services that enable you to innovate, test and run applications on an open and flexible cloud platform.

To help realize the benefits of the cloud, Microsoft is offering existing clients a new set of services focused on helping you to accelerate Microsoft Azure deployment.

Fast Start workshops help you quickly deploy new cloud workloads

In partnership with Microsoft, Ensyst is offering existing Microsoft clients a complimentary * Azure Fast Start workshop to get you and your team started quickly.

We’ll join you for (up to) 4 days for an onsite workshop to develop your technical and
operational skills around one of these workloads.

Choose one of these Azure Fast Start packages


2IaaS Foundation
Looking to extend your data centre to the cloud? This workshop shows you how to create a foundational hybrid Cloud capability, plus set up a test and dev environment.  arrow



Modern Web/Mobile App Dev
Trying to engage customers, partners and internal staff in innovative ways? Discover how to design, develop and deploy modern applications with Azure.  arrow


Operations Management Suite (OMS)3
Want to back up your data and maximise uptime? Learn how to accelerate the deployment of common Backup, Continuity, and Disaster Recovery scenarios.  arrow



SQL on IaaS
Want to move database workloads to the cloud? Learn how to deploy, run, backup or archive SQL Server workloads in Azure.  arrow


1 Linux fundamentals
Want to evolve beyond your datacentre for line of business applications that depend on Open Source Software? Learn how to deploy and manage Linux systems in Azure.  arrow


* Places are limited, and eligibility requirements apply.

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1. Source: IHS Inc

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