May 2018
Citric XenApp 6.5 end of the road

End of the road for Citrix XenApp 6.5

XenApp 6.5 will be End of Life (EOL) with Citrix ceasing to support the product as of the 30th June 2018.

XenApp is a key solution for many organisations, delivering applications to any device anywhere while enhancing security, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.  As Citrix’s flagship product, it is a key element in providing access to corporate information in a secure and easy to use manner.

So, if you’re a XenApp 6.5 customer, what does EOL mean for your business, and what are your options as the deadline approaches?

The Citrix product lifecycle site shows that with Software Maintenance EOL for XenApp 6.5 is the 30th June 2018. If you don’t have SA, you’re already EOL!

After the EOL date, XenApp 6.5 will not stop working, however you will no longer receive any updates or technical support from Citrix Premier Support. There is the option of the expensive ‘Extended Support’ offering that will buy you some time but it’s far from ideal and the cost far out ways the benefit, it’s simply easier to upgrade.

According to the Citrix lifecycle millstone definition, “EOL signifies when technical support and product downloads will no longer be available. Technical support for issues will be limited to information contained in the Citrix Knowledge Center and Support Forums. If the issues cannot be corrected through this method, then an upgrade path or migration to the latest version or product replacement is recommended.” 

What are the risks?

After EOL, clients are exposed to potential business risk.  These include missing out on key functionality improvements that competitors may already be leveraging. Bug fixes will not be released, leaving known issues unresolved.

XenApp is a customer-facing offering, managing services delivered outside the network to a range of devices including home, mobile etc. It is often mission critical and always faces high customer expectations. Keeping the environment up-to-date with features and patches is critical.

While customers have two months before XenApp 6.5 reaches its EOL status, this is no time for complacency.  Migrations can be lengthy affairs, so it is important administrators begin planning their XenApp migration now.

The new version, XenApp 7.17 uses a different architecture than XenApp 6.5, so administrators should carefully consider how they approach the upgrade process. Citrix have also introduced Citrix Cloud services, whereby the Citrix control plane can be managed in the cloud by Citrix themselves. It’s an excellent time to consider Citrix Cloud when planning your XenApp 6.5 upgrade given it will significantly reduce your build time and furthermore support requirements once operational.

While all this may seem daunting, Ensyst understands these options, features and capabilities and are well placed to offer advice and assist/perform design and implementation activities.


What are your options?

The most obvious option is to upgrade to the current version, XenApp 7.17 (Read what’s new in the latest release)But what does this involve?

Given that upgrades can be finicky, it’s wise to start planning and testing now to avoid the pressure of a forced upgrade as the deadline approaches. Having a deep understanding of ‘Current Release’ and ‘Long Term Service Release’ is also critical given this will potentially change operational processes once the new solution is in production.


An offer from Ensyst

To assist you in assessing your alternatives and planning the migration process, Ensyst is offering a free 1 day consulting assessment.  We will:

  • review your current environment
  • advise on the best migration strategy
  • Provide a review of application compatibility and coexistence to new platforms

At the end of this process, you’ll have a clear migration strategy, including an understanding of where you are now, and a plan for moving forward.  You’ll also have an understanding of the new features and technologies in the latest Citrix products, and suggestions for application compatibility moving to the new platform.

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