Sep 2018

Microsoft Managed Desktop – what direction is your MSP heading?

Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) Service for Enterprise officially launched last week in the U.K and the U.S and will commence operations in Australia & New Zealand early 2019.  The rumours were true after all. The subscription service powered by Microsoft cloud will provision, deploy and manage Windows 10 devices and provide a more secure, more […]

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Dec 2017

AAD Connect with pass-through authentication and (really) seamless single sign on

– aka “Users don’t want to click their username to access resources” You’re reading this because you’ve either already discovered the headache below and you’re looking for a work around, or your about to discover the headache below and are just really ahead of the curve at anticipating challenges; good for you! Let’s start at […]

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Aug 2017
Azure stack disconnected use cases

Azure Stack Unplugged

Explore how Azure Stack can help when your data centre or work-site suffers from little/no or intermittent connectivity.
“Azure Stack brings modern cloud applications to places they could not previously go, either because they were not allowed to go there or because the need was in locations the cloud historically has not reached.”

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