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How we’re supporting our customers

The impact of COVID-19 demands immediate and significant changes to the way we work, including shifting quickly to remote working in many cases. To support you, we have a range of tools available to enable your employees to stay securely connected with video conferencing, real-time collaboration and more, working from home on their browser or mobile device.

Helping keep you connected with Secure Remote working

Working remotely requires connectivity that allows you to collaborate in real time. Our online meeting solutions easily replace the need for formal office spaces. Discover how you can get full access to online meetings and conferencing from your mobile devices with our comprehensive range of collaboration tools.


Microsoft Teams

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Increasing numbers of remote and working-from-home employees means businesses today require solutions that allow for sustained productivity of their employees.  Our number one priority is for our customers to seamlessly continue to operate with minimum disruption. If your organisation requires easy and quick collaboration without disrupting your business, we can help you utilise the powerful Microsoft Teams platform. Microsoft Teams enables end users to work as though they are in the office, giving secure access to face-to-face meetings and collaboration via a mobile soft client while also integrating seamlessly with Office 365 applications.

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Windows Virtual Desktop


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With many of your employees working from home now, it is imperative to consider the security of company data and applications. Windows Virtual Desktop allows you to scale your workloads to meet any increase in demand and provides secure remote access without the needs of a VPN, allowing your users to connect to your enterprise network and applications without impacting bandwidth and user experience.

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Citrix BCP Solutions


To ensure your users are remaining productive while working remotely, you need the right level of security and control over user access to corporate resources. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, as well as Citrix Managed Desktops ensures workforce productivity, enabling your employees the flexibility to work remotely while keeping your information and applications secure.

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