Insurance sector

Government insurance agency

Business issue and background

Governed by an independent Board of Directors and formed to deliver insurance and care schemes for a state government. The consolidation of four schemes (lines of business) into a single insurance operator created a unique IT need. The new organisation needed to create a unified IT environment that provided its new user base a digital workplace environment with the ability to work from anywhere, on any device and at anytime. Productivity was a key driver.

The project needed to deliver on a “business as usual” promise to the staff. As the restructuring of the organisation occurred, it became a catalyst for a new world of work approach and the IT framework that underpinned this was critical.

Microsoft recommended Ensyst as an experienced partner with the capability to deliver on the customer’s requirements. Ensyst’s 8 gold competencies displayed the breadth of knowledge the team possessed across the entire Microsoft portfolio. This meant any potential unforeseen challenges could be dealt with by an experienced team.


What was delivered

O365 Migration – one suite, superior collaboration

The migration included more than 1500 users. As part of the process, compatibility assessments ensured a seamless experience for end users upgrading from their desktop versions of the Office product suite. The process was automated for end users to limit any potential impact and disruption.


SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, “Hugo” Intranet migration

Migrating the legacy data required meticulous planning. Terrabytes of data needed to be cleaned and catalogued to ensure that users could be redirected to the new locations of files they needed to complete their workloads.

In addition a like-for-like outcome was required for the new intranet that would effectively migrate nearly 2000 sites, 56GB of data and more than 1000 workflows. All of this within an updated brand and designed to meet the needs of the customer.

Establishing an Azure Active Directory foundational layer was paramount to ensuring the best end user experience at the completion of the project.


Skype for Business Online and Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre

The customer selected Skype for Business as the unified communications technology of choice. In addition Ensyst recommended and later deployed Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre to add Automatic Call Distribution, Interactive Voice response and call recording functionality. The EICC Queue Management solution complemented and future-proofed the end-to-end Skype for Business solution.

The solution was also deployed in an AWS cloud environment as was mandated by our customer. Ensyst was uniquely qualified in this regard having previously carried out similar deployments at client request.


Change Management

Critical to the success of the project was the ability for Ensyst to display a program of change management. Key to this was that change management needed to go beyond simply training staff. It needed to extend beyond simply providing how-to videos and help documents.

A program was created that assessed the psychological readiness of the organisation. It also delivered communications tools to the customer that allowed them to not only equip the users with knowledge, but would provide them with motivation to help make the change stick. With key influencers and champions included, communications plans and necessary resources, Ensyst helped our customer develop a change management approach that ensured maximum value is returned from the IT investment.


Business size: 1000+

Business sector: Insurance

Technology: O365, Skype for Business, SharePoint


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