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Seamless messaging migration – Lotus Notes to Office 365


Business size: 5,000 +

Business sector: Manufacturing

Technology: Office 365

Solution: Services

Business issue

This organisation is a leading food company across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. Headquartered in Sydney, the company employs over 5,000 people in Australasia and the Pacific Islands, and operates over 40 plants in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and New Caledonia.

The organisation’s messaging and collaboration platform was based on Lotus Notes, and the company wanted to provide a suite of natively integrated tools to deliver enhanced capabilities for collaboration and productivity.

Microsoft Office 365 was selected as the platform to deliver on this outcome.  Office 365 also offered the ability to migrate to a consumption-based Cloud platform and with it, all the associated benefits including availability, scalability and capability.

Ensyst was selected to partner in this initiative based on experience and skills in the delivery of similar projects involving migration of non-Microsoft messaging platforms such as Lotus Notes, to Office 365.


During this complex migration, Ensyst worked in partnership with the organisation, putting in place the building blocks required for seamless Cloud Federation and proving the concept of migrating from Lotus Notes to Office 365 leveraging the MigrationWiz toolset.

Ensyst worked with the organisation’s IT team to ensure a seamless migration of users to the new platform while upskilling the team on Office 365 and the associated federation platform, and enabling them to manage the environment effectively in future.

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