Not for profit sector

Not-for-profit in the healthcare sector

Support for business critical systems on SharePoint


Business size: 220 users

Business sector: Not for Profit

Technology: EnSure for SharePoint

Solution: Services

Business issue

This not-for-profit organisation is dedicated to helping people with a disability, assisting over 1,500 people with day programs, skills development, transition to work, and accommodation, as well as support and respite for carers.

The organisation’s case management system is a business critical system. Based on SharePoint, it is used by disability support workers and team Leaders across all programs, locations and services, providing vital profile information, contacts, forms and procedures for clients. The system needs to be available and accessible at all times, and to provide reliable data upon request.

Because of the constantly changing nature of clients and workers in various locations, the system needs to be able to be frequently enhanced, which can be done internally as well as by external providers, including Ensyst.

Due to the potential conflicts arising with such scenarios, the health of this system needs to be monitored and maintained.  A quality focused procedure is also required for all maintenance tasks and enhancements to ensure the system delivers the functionality expected, without compromising agility.


Ensyst provides full support of the SharePoint environment, including an escalation path to the organisation’s service desk with unlimited calls, proactive monitoring and functionality testing.  This client has now been utilising Ensure for SharePoint since June 2010. During this time there have been no unscheduled outages or data losses. The predictable fixed costs have allowed the organisation to better consider enhancements and changes to the system without being concerned with changing TCO or impacting system reliability.

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