Digital transformation is affecting every aspect of the organisation, with cloud driving innovation and efficiency. For organisations considering new cloud projects, hardware refreshes, or data centre modernisation it’s important to take into consideration where hybrid cloud may be able to augment their efforts. Building a reliable, scalable, efficient, and secure environment requires addressing foundational elements, platform modernisation needs, and operational processes. At Ensyst, we possess the expertise and real-world experience to guide your organisation to design and implement a hybrid cloud environment to grow faster, minimise costs, whilst operating efficiently and securely.

Public Cloud

Regain control over public cloud by focusing on cost transparency and optimisation, capacity and resource planning, security and identity, governance and policy, as well as orchestration and automation.  Public Cloud offers highly scalable shared computing resources, presented to you as a utility service, accessible through the Public Cloud provider’s portal, control panel or service application programming interfaces (APIs). With Public Clouds, you can leverage the highly competitive and rapidly progressing software innovations that these providers bring. Optus partners with advanced and trusted Public Cloud technology providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, so you can extend your private infrastructure into the Public Cloud with ease. We provide direct, private connectivity to these Public Cloud providers, delivering more predictable performance and improved security via dedicated lines with bundled optimisation tools to ensure you gain the best value from the platforms.

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud services are a portfolio of hyper-converged, converged and custom infrastructure solutions that deliver the highest resilience and availability.  Our enterprise-grade hardware, network and storage give you the flexibility to meet business requirements while reducing cost.  Private Cloud operates exclusively for your organisation – dedicated enterprise-grade hardware, network and storage is located on your premises or in a co-location data centre.

Some reasons that organisations choose Private Cloud are:

  • Compliance and security – Organisations with requirements for compliance and data sovereignty or hosting of highly sensitive data
  • Performance and control – Organisations with applications that require high performance with low latency and those wanting direct control and oversight of their cloud service assets

Hybrid Cloud

Today it is common for businesses to live in a world of multiple clouds – choosing to have an optimal mix of Private and Public Cloud resources, known as Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid Cloud uses two or more distinct cloud infrastructures with data and application portability across the clouds.  For example, most organisations follow cycles of peaks and downturns. A hybrid approach lets you draw on additional computing resources in the Public Cloud for peak workloads and scale back down when business is quiet.  Optus provides Hybrid Clouds by combining our Private and Public Cloud services and orchestrating between these platforms. Spanning your Public Cloud and Private Cloud deployments, we offer a unified orchestration platform to abstract complexities and enable agility, governance, and automation for customers across Hybrid Clouds. It provides self-service to those requesting cloud resources and orchestrating all the tools required for enterprise agility, resulting in increased agility and minimised risk across multiple cloud environments.  Everything is integrated ‘out-of-the-box’ for rapid time to value.

Data Centres

Optus EXPAN Hosting provides co-located hosting services for your cloud equipment in secure Tier 3 data centre facilities in most capital cities around Australia. Optus provides the physical infrastructure to host your equipment, including rack space or secure hosting floor space together with the power supply to operate the equipment, power supply and generator backups, high volume cooling and on-site security. By taking space in state-of-the-art Optus EXPAN Hosting Data Centres, business systems can benefit from direct high-speed connectivity. This means you can also reduce traffic on your corporate office network, optimise response times for your customers and avoid the expense of establishing and maintaining a comparable in-house facility.

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