Cloud and Infrastructure

Since 2007, Ensyst has been helping clients transition to the Microsoft Cloud, and supporting them to leverage public, private and hybrid Cloud environments.

Organisations are taking advantage of Cloud solutions to reduce the cost and complexity of IT service delivery, and enable faster response to business needs, but it’s not all or nothing.  There are a variety of deployment and consumption options.

Hybrid Cloud is the most common, with certain workloads deployed in the Cloud while others are retained on -premises. Hybrid solutions are underpinned by a common hybrid identity which ensures the user experience is seamless and IT services are deployed in the most optimal manner.

Ensyst has the experience and depth of skill to partner with you on your Cloud journey. We’ve been recognised many times by Microsoft as a leader in delivering solutions leveraging Microsoft Cloud platforms, with awards at a local and global level.

Are you are evaluating your options and beginning your journey, understand where you want to be but unsure of how to get there or have a clear strategy and plan but lack the expertise and experience to undertake the transformation?  Ensyst is uniquely positioned to help you take advantage of the Cloud.

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Cloud Transformation Strategy

Planning your journey to the Cloud

Critical to the success of a Cloud transformation initiative is having a clear strategy that captures the current landscape and challenges, considers available options, provides a future state vision and clearly defines the plan to get there with costs.

Leveraging our extensive experience and capability in Cloud transformation we’ll help you build a cloud strategy to take advantage of benefits offered by Cloud solutions like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

During this discovery and design engagement, we’ll work with you to understand your current environment and challenges via workshops and discovery activities using toolsets to capture utilisation statistics and application dependencies.

With this understanding we’ll help you define the future end-state of your Cloud environment including a transition plan and ongoing operational model. We’ll also provide costings to help in building the migration business case.

Cloud Foundation

The first step on your journey to the Cloud

To move to the Cloud you need solid foundations in place to enable seamless and secure connectivity on which to establish your Hybrid environment.

Federating your network infrastructure and identity with the Cloud provides the platform to enable you to deploy services and applications to the Cloud, to test and prove their fit-for-purpose, and to ascertain suitability for Cloud deployment.

Leveraging our extensive expertise we’ll help you prepare a framework to extend your production environment to the Cloud – establish connectivity, extend your core infrastructure to Azure, and establish hybrid identity to enable you to securely and seamlessly access and deploy Cloud-based services, applications and compute.

This short engagement will enable you to establish the platform to underpin your transformation journey.

Cloud Migration

Seamless transformation to the Cloud

Transforming an environment is complex and requires a very different skill set from that required to run and operate the environment.  Having a partner on this journey, one who has done it many times before, allows you to leverage their depth of skill and experience.  This will help accelerate timelines, reduce risk and ensure you achieve the outcomes required.

Ensyst is your perfect partner.  We’ll ensure a successful migration to the Cloud, providing leadership, guidance, and complementary and supplementary architectural, consulting and engineering skills.

Along with our experience and skill, our proven toolsets, methodologies and processes will empower your IT team, providing them with knowledge and skills for ongoing operation and allowing them to focus on the business change elements of the transformation.

Ensyst works at the forefront of innovation with partners like Microsoft, so beyond the transformation, we’ll help you develop and mature your environment with new applications and services as they become available. If required we’ll provide support and operations capability to ensure your environment is performing at the optimal level , enabling you to get on with your business operations.

Cloud Platform

Providing the platform for Microsoft Hybrid Cloud

Optus Managed Cloud – Microsoft is a unique offering in the market for customers looking to deploy a hybrid cloud platform incorporating Microsoft Azure.

Launched in 2015, Optus Managed Cloud – Microsoft, enables customers to deploy an infrastructure which incorporates both Microsoft private cloud and public cloud platforms via an integrated and common set of identity, network, infrastructure and management services.

This enables customers to flexibly deploy workloads on-premises infrastructure, Optus’ Managed Cloud and the Azure public cloud.  Partnering with Microsoft, Optus is the first network service provider in Australia to provide this service and offer the choice and flexibility an Enterprise Cloud solution should deliver.

Together with Optus,  and via Optus Managed Cloud – Microsoft and Optus Azure ExpressRoute, we provide the underpinning network and infrastructure to establish your Microsoft Hybrid Cloud.  We’ll also provide the consulting, engineering and support services to help you take advantage of the Cloud and transform your IT environment.

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